Besides nurturing academic career dreams of our children and youth, many have rediscovered their potentials through a range of talent and sporting activities including; Dances & Music, Football, Modelling, Drawing as well as Beadwork.

  1. SOLCRC Football Club

SOLCRC Football Club is patronized by SOLCRC Family. The club continues to inspire and foster football development at the local level where it currently participates on the local leagues. The club has posted amazing and sterling performance after winning the local Kibera Super League between 2019 to 2022. SOLCRC Football club is highly motivated and seeking football sponsorship as we envision playing in Kenya premier league as well as sponsor players in international clubs.

2. SOLCRC Dance Crew

Dance is an art that helps children to enhance concentration and perception skills. We encourage our children who are gifted in dance to embrace it as it is an instrument of expression and communication which provides a platform for them to express themselves and enhances their self-esteem. Help nurture this talent through your contribution that will go towards dance training, costumes and facilitation outreach programs.

3. Our Choir

Music is therapeutic and through singing our children not only express themselves emotionally, enhance their self-esteem but also they use their angelic voices to Minister God’s word. Some of our children actively take part in praise and worship at church. Support our kids’ choir by helping nurture their talent through voice training and buying them choir uniforms and music equipment.

  1. Modelling club

Fashion modeling not only involve wearing of different garments/accessories and looking pretty but also requires one to be confident and presentable. Modelling involves high level of discipline which our models have emulated and practiced.  They have gained enormous confidence and a higher self-esteem.