The Springs of Life Children’s Restoration Center (SOLCRC) was founded as a response to the high prevalence of Orphaned & Vulnerable children who were coming to the New Life Restoration Ministries Community Centre at Kibra, looking for help. Majority of these children were from the Kibera Slums, located 3 Kms from Nairobi, and Capital City of Kenya. Founded by Bishop. Dr. Paul Mbithi and Reverend Grace Mbithi in the year 2000, Springs of Life Children’s Restoration Center (SOLCRC)) had the sole objective of rescuing and rehabilitating vulnerable and neglected children mainly from the Kibera Slums.

Originally, the Centre’s programmes were rescue and care based, pending government approval for the upgrade to a fully registered Children’s Home.
Worth noting is the humble beginning of the center, with only 4 children.

With initial success of the rescue and rehabilitation of the OVCs, Restoration Educational Centre was launched in the year 2000, with a purpose of presenting the children with teachers and staffs conversant with the challenges of trauma associated with the OVCs, and grow the school to high quality standard to offer academic education to other children from the Kibera Slums.

Within the Centre, the orphaned & vulnerable are provided with shelter and care, food & nutrition support, education & vocational/life skills training, protection &legal support, and counseling support for trauma. In line with this, they are also exposed to activities such as sports, modeling and music, that will help them realize and actualize their talents.

Up to now over 110 beneficiaries have gone through SOLCRC. We have 34 kids in primary school, they are from play group up to grade 8, 26 in different high schools across the country. Another lot is in college, each pursuing what they are passionate about, these are 15 enthusiast youth men and young women.


To reach the orphans and other vulnerable children and marginalized groups for a promising bright future.


To facilitate the attainment of children rights through sustainable development programs for self-actualization, reliance and fulfilment through fear of God.

Our Objectives

  • To mobilize the local community to raise resources for offering charitable services to children from distress background.
  • To Identify, screen and recruit children in need of charitable services from poor backgrounds.
  • To ask and accept donations from members, non – members, the government councils, other charitable organizations and any person, whether private or corporate to further the objectives of the society.
  • To provide charitable services to the identified children in terms of food, clothing and school fees, medical and health.
  • To Buy land and build a field center from which to operate from
  • To Design a strategic plan towards initiating and running a future children’s home.
  • To Initiate, and carry out income generating activities as part of the sustainability of the society.
  • To Partner with other internal and external stakeholders who have the same objectives.
  • To Partner with other internal and external stakeholders who have the same objectives purposes as the society.
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  • To Offer accommodation to homeless street children and other vulnerable groups.
  • To Rescue children’s social abuse, drug addiction, commercial sex, child Labour and early marriages.
  • To Offer education to these children for self-reliance and social integration.
  • To Empower women on self-reliance, women’s rights, and a drug-free society
  • To Offer guidance on career growth
  • For Referral services
  • Provide a feeding program to the children.