Education is light to all people in the world, which helps them in their future life, in the informal parts of Nairobi city, the light of education diminishes in the young children due to poor living conditions and poverty. Some children are orphaned while some are displaced in the streets due to family conflicts.

Springs Of Life Children's Restoration Centre   hosts and educates orphaned and vulnerable children in the informal settlements of Kibera and its environs

In our early beginnings we started this program in an iron sheet structure without any electricity where our children used to sleep and study at night  and through the support of well wishers, we currently offer full time educational support to children who live in our home. Below are 2 of our first rescued teenagers who are now adults and out of  school, currently  working.

How can you support our education program?

  • By donating school fees
  • By volunteering through training/mentoring our children
  • By donating text books, exercise books, pens or any other stationeries of your choice

Our goal is to support more children realize their educational dreams and this is only possible through well-wishers like you